Our Caps, Your Cause

Drink Prairie Farms Milk and Give to What Mooves You.

What if you could affect real change by just saving your milk caps?

Prairie Farms makes it easy for you to give back to your favorite cause, in your community, how YOU choose.

Over $220,000 donated to local charities

For every cap code redeemed, Prairie Farms will donate 5 cents to the charity of your choice.*
When a charity reaches a 1,000 point goal, we send them a check for $50.
With help from participants like YOU, we've helped organizations all over the Midwest reach goals that might not have been previously possible. Spread the word about how good it feels to give back with Prairie Farms!


How Does it Work?

1. Begin by purchasing Prairie Farms milk in plastic gallon or plastic half gallon containers.
2. Peel off the Prairie Farms cap sticker to reveal a unique, redeemable code.
3. Select a participating charity to donate your points.
4. Enter cap codes.
5. Click the donate button.

* Please note: Program may not be available in all states.

Looking for the right local charity or organization to support?
There are over 1,000 ones from which to choose.

Success Stories