Cow Comfort

Excellent cow care is an expectation.

The Prairie Farms Cow Care Program details guidelines that our farmers follow for every calf and cow on their farm. We set the highest standards for care of our cows when it comes to health, facilities and housing, nutrition, equipment and milking procedures. Our farms are evaluated at least once every three years and provided feedback on how they're doing by veterinarians, extension educators, university personnel and our field staff members. The evaluation provides our farmers with the information they need to develop action plans for continuous improvement. The integrity of the program is ensured through third-party verification, which is completed by outside experts.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of animal care.

Our animals receive specialized diets of forage and grains, often times customized by animal nutritionists. Often times, our cows eat before we do and follow healthier diets than most! When not milking, our cows can be found relaxing in a barn with fresh bedding or in the pasture with access to plenty of clean water and food.

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