New Barista Style Iced Coffee Singles

Just Shake, Sip and Savor

Skip the Drive Through! Now your Favorite Coffee House Flavors are Ready Anytime.

On-the-Go Smooth and Creamy, Delight in Every Sip. Enjoy the ice cold flavors of mocha or caramel blended with farm fresh, 100% REAL milk and real Arabica coffee. Barista style coffee without the drive or the wait.

Try Both Flavors Today!

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Enter NOW for a Chance to Win

20 Winners each Month, will receive 20 Free Coupons for Prairie Farms NEW Single Serve Iced Coffee, Caramel or Mocha. 

Contest Ends May 31, 2024

Eligible States: Illinois, Indiana, Eastern Iowa, Northeast Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Central/Eastern Missouri, South Dakota, Western Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Prize winners will be notified by email and/or mail. No purchase necessary. Product availability varies by retailer. PRAIRIE FARMS AND NORTH STAR PRODUCTS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN ALL AREAS, NO PRIZE SUBSTITUTIONS ARE PERMITTED.

Dairy Coupons are Not Permitted in the state of Louisiana. Valid at participating retailers. Contest may end at any time. Void where prohibited. See complete rules and prize details.

When You Just Need More

Convenient, Value Size Half Gallon Iced Coffee

Prairie Farms mocha, caramel and vanilla iced coffee made with the same 100% REAL milk and Arabica coffee beans as our single serve flavors.

Cold and refreshing, ready to shake and pour over ice at home anytime. Made with local milk from our family-owned farms. Ultra-pasteurized to last longer, staying fresh and delicious until opened.

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Generational Dairy Farms

An astounding fact is that farmers make up just 1.3% of the employed U.S. population which means most people are three to five generations removed from a farm.

farm tours
Educational Farm Tours

From preschoolers to college students to parents and grandparents, our dairy farmers address common topics like animal welfare, antibiotics, milk production, and sustainability.

Inspiring Future Dairy Farmers

Our farm families are dedicated to their local communities. They inspire future dairy farmers every day by sharing their story, and how important it is to have local food sources.

women in dairy
We Love Our Cows

Our farm families love their cows and treat them like part of the family. Ask any of our farmers who eats breakfast first on the farm, and they'll all say "their girls" do. 


North, South, East and West. We've Got the Midwest Covered.

dairy products

Choose 100% Real Dairy And Accept No Substitutes

  • NO Artificial Growth Hormones
  • Owned by 600+ Farm Families
  • Committed to Animal Care
  • Committed to Sustainability
  • Committed to Freshness
  • Committed to Quality Assurance -
    Strict Control - No Antibiotics*
    * Ensures milk shipped to stores is free of antibiotics

Not Only Do Our Cows Get an Early Start, We Do Too.

Each morning they load up and hit the streets, making hundreds of stops, delivering Prairie Farms products.

Take a look around and you'll find our milk and dairy products nearly everywhere - grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other food service outlets.

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