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Get to know our dedicated farm families and see what life is like on a dairy farm.

A roomba for cows? This robotic feed pusher keeps the food in reach for these dairy cows. This is just one example of the amazing technology used on dairy farms for maximum cow comfort!

Cooking with Chef Rob

Mexican Street Corn
Spicy Ranch Chicken
Banana Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Rob's Overnight Oatmeal
Rob's Belgian Breakroom Sandwich
4 Layer Bean Dip
Tzatziki Burger
Grilled Pork Chops
Butter Pecan Ice Cream Muffins
Summer Sherbet Punch
Brown Butter Sauce
Belgian Satellite Cocktail
Pit Beef with Tiger Sauce
Jalapeno 6 Layer Dip
Caramel Salty Dog Cocktail
Caradmom Coffee Cake
Pork Moutarde (Pork with Mustard Sauce)
Steel Cut Oat Pancakes
Sweet Corn Casserole

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Did You Know Real Butter is...
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