The Gold Standard for Lactose Free Dairy


America's Most Awarded Dairy Sets the Gold Standard for Lactose Free Products

No Matter How You Pour or Spoon It

The wait is over. Delicious lactose free options for those with lactose sensitivity are here. We've perfected the process of making lactose free milk, cottage cheese, and sour cream taste the same as their full lactose counterparts.

It's a simple process. A natural enzyme is used to break down the lactose found in milk, and other than that, you get the same great taste as our award-winning, best in class dairy products.


The Prairie Farms Difference

We Are 100% Farmer Owned...

Unlike leading national lactose free brands, Prairie Farms is owned by dairy farmers, which means we have complete control of the farm-to-table journey. On average, milk from our family farms travels 200 miles or less to our local dairy plants. From there, we package and deliver the freshest dairy products available to local stores- including our new lactose free milk, cottage cheese, and sour cream.



We're Committed to Serving Families the Best Value for 100% Fresh Lactose Free Milk

We Listen to Our Customers, and Now We're Delivering Lactose Free Milk in Family-Size Gallons.

This means 33% more milk compared to the 96-ounce option offered by the leading national brand of lactose free milk. With this, everyone wins because our lactose free milk provides more value, and you're supporting the livelihoods of local farm families. On their behalf, we thank you for choosing Prairie Farms.


No Matter How You Spoon It

Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream are in America's Top 10 List of Favorite Dairy Products

Social media is buzzing with millions of posts about cottage cheese and sour cream. If you're lactose sensitive, you no longer have to avoid delicious trendy recipes. From cottage cheese ice cream to poke bowls, just substitute our lactose free options for regular versions and get cooking.


Ways to Enjoy Dairy While Lactose Intolerant

Lactose in dairy varies, so depending on your sensitivity, some items may be perfectly fine while others cause stomach distress. The good news is, our lactose free products taste exactly the same as our award-winning dairy products, just without the lactose!


Say No to Lactose Sensitivity

Say Yes to Dairy! 100% Real lactose free milk, cottage cheese and sour cream from Prairie Farms means you can enjoy all of your favorite dairy products without stomach distress.


Lactose Free Cottage Cheese Crepes

Whip up a batch of delicate, lactose free cottage cheese crepes for breakfast or brunch. Packed with protein, just add your favorite fruit and enjoy!


Living Lactose Free

Prairie Farms lactose free products work seamlessly in all of your favorite recipes. Substitute for regular milk, cottage cheese or sour cream in equal amounts.

Lactose Free Half Gallons

Love chocolate milk? Enjoy the rich and creamy chocolatey taste without the lactose!

Half gallon lactose free milk options in all of your favorite varieties.

Lactose Free Recipes

Creamy Tomato Rigatoni

  Creamy Tomato Rigatoni Whip up a protein-packed dinner in under 30 minutes by adding Prairie Farms Lactose-Free ...

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  Chocolate Chip Banana Bread There are many Banana Bread recipes out there, but this one using our ...

Strawberry Bundt Cake

  Strawberry Bundt Cake Fresh strawberries and sour cream are key to creating a perfect bundt cake you'll ...

Homemade Bread

  Homemade Bread It's easy to create perfectly fluffy homemade bread with a golden brown crust using Prairie ...

Southwest Black Bean Quesadillas with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

  Southwest Black Bean Quesadillas The watch party appetizer that comes together in minutes. Packed with flavor and ...

Cottage Cheese Toast

  Cottage Cheese Toast Dress up your toast with Prairie Farms Cottage Cheese and your favorite toppings for ...

Chocolate Mug Cake

  Chocolate Mug Cake A rich, chocolatey cake that comes together in minutes. Top it with your favorite ...

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie

  Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie With great taste and plenty of protein, this peanut butter and jelly ...

Pot de Creme with Strawberry Rhubarb Confit by Nathaniel Reid

  Pot de Creme with Strawberry Rhubarb Confit by Nathaniel Reid Created by Chef Nathaniel Reid for Prairie ...

Mexican Elote (Street Corn)

  Mexican Elote (Street Corn) 6 ears sweet corn (shucked)1 1/2 Cups Prairie Farms sour cream1/2 Cup mayonnaise3 ...

Lactose Free Mac N Cheese

  Lactose Free Mac N Cheese 2 Cups Elbow Noodles, Dry3 Tbsp olive oil3 Tbsp all-purpose flour1 1/4 ...

Creamy Guacamole

  Creamy Guacamole Ripe avocados blended with onion, lime, cilantro, jalapenos and a twist, real sour cream. A ...
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