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Enjoy a healthy breakfast to help power you through the day- everyday. Add plenty of milk to your cereal or oatmeal, or try a yogurt parfait for a fruity boost of energy.

Christmas Cookie Dip

Made With Real Cream Cheese

A yummy dip that's easy to make, and perfect for dunking fruit or cookies. Ask a grown up for help to get started, but you have the most important job- adding the sprinkles!


Breakfast is the Best

Easy to make and yummy to eat recipes that have nutritious dairy in every bite.

Always cook with a grown-up and never use kitchen tools without an adult's help.

From yogurt parfaits to silly pancakes, protein is the way to start your day.


Fun and Delicious Recipes

We've put together some yummy recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and snack-time that all use delicious and nutritious dairy.

Easy to Make Kids Recipes

Fox Oatmeal

Love peanut butter and oatmeal? Make this cute little fox with a couple blueberries and toast corners.

Strawberry Yogurt Piglets

Oink, oink! Fresh strawberries cut into circles and a few blueberries turn a cup of strawberry yogurt into a cute animal snack adventure.

Cereal and Yogurt Parfaits

Just 1,2,3. Add your favorite yogurt into a glass, sprinkle on cereal, a little more yogurt and top with sliced bananas and more cereal. A perfect creamy and crunchy treat!

Cucumber Sandwiches

Have a tea party with your friends with these tiny and fun cucumber sandwiches made with butter and cream cheese.

Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Flour tortillas aren’t just for tacos. Layer ham, cheese and a bit of ranch dressing and roll them up tight. Slice into circles for lunchtime, or anytime.

Strawberry Sparkle Milkshakes

Real strawberry milk and vanilla ice cream whipped together and topped with sparkly sugar sprinkles. A unicorn’s favorite drink!

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