New! Cottage Cheese Snack Cups

  • Cottage Cheese Snack Cups, Small Curd and Lowfat Options
  • Zesty Fiesta Cottage Cheese Snack Cup
  • Garden Veggie Cottage Cheese Snack Cup
  • Strawberry Cottage Cheese Snack Cup
  • Peach Cottage Cheese Snack Cup
  • Pineapple Cottage Cheese Snack Cup

Small Batch Cottage Cheese Snack Cups

Sweet or Savory, The Perfect Size for Snacking or Dipping 

  • Perfect 5oz Snack Size
  • 7 Smooth & Creamy Flavors
  • Made with Local Milk
  • 12-14g Protein per Cup
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones
  • Zesty Fiesta - America's First Cottage Cheese with a Southwest Kick!
Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Strawberry


Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Pineapple


Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Peach


Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Zesty Fiesta

Zesty Fiesta

Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Garden Veggie

Garden Veggie

Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Small Curd

Plain, Small Curd

Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Lowfat

Plain, Lowfat

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    Cottage Cheese Snack Cup, Lowfat
    Kuehnert Farms Quote

    "The milk from our 6th generation family-owned farm is delivered daily to the Prairie Farms plant just 6 miles from here. That's where the magic happens because the milk turns into a variety of delicious products, including new Small Batch Cottage Cheese.

    Our family is proud to provide the highest quality milk available to make the world's best dairy products. The launch of Small Batch Cottage Cheese is an exciting addition to our lineup and is sure to redefine healthy snacking."

    Andrew Kuehnert, Kuehnert Dairy 

    2019 Grand Champion
    World Dairy Expo

    Prairie Farms lowfat cottage cheese was crowned Grand Champion for taste, quality and freshness. Made with local milk, it beat the competition, hands down. Read more

    2019 Grand Champion, Lowfat Cottage Cheese
    Cottage Cheese
    Homemade pancakes with cottage cheese and cranberry sauce on a plate, selective focus
    Cottage Cheese Triangles

    Larger Sizes When you just want more

    5lb, 3lb, 24oz, 16oz and 4oz Snack Cups


    Cottage Cheese Pancakes

    Cottage Cheese Pancakes

    Lasagna Rolls

    Lasagna Rolls

    French Flan Pie with Cottage Cheese

    French Flan Pie with Cottage Cheese

    Herb Cottage Cheese Dip

    Herb Cottage Cheese Dip

    Pistachio Lemon Pound Cake

    Pistachio Lemon Pound Cake

    Cottage Cheese Mac & Cheese Bake

    Cottage Cheese Mac & Cheese Bake