Sue VandenBergh

We asked Sue (and her husband Tom) a few questions about herself and life on the farm.

What generation farm family are they?
First generation

Why did they choose to dairy farm if they were not already in one?
Working with the animals and land came naturally; they enjoy being the freedom of being self-employed.

Why did they join Prairie Farms?
Tom – “It’s the best place to market milk in the USA”vandenbergh_family

What is their opinion of our no RBST policy? 

Sue – “It’s Great!”  Tom – “It’s best to give consumers want they want.”

Does their farm sustain any other products?
No, but they grow a lot of their own food.

What is their long term goal for their dairy farm?
Maintain a family friendly environment.

How do they feel about their herd?
“We are proud of our happy, healthy cows.”

What steps are they taking to make their farm a sustainable one?
No chemicals on the crops, participates in the FARM program and utilize rotational grazing.

If they could do anything else, what would it be?

Do they encourage or hope that their children will continue the family tradition and take over one day?
Tom – “Yes; more importantly, I want them to use this experience to become a fulfilled person and good citizen.”

How do they care for their animals if they get sick?
Tom – “We maintain herd health, first and foremost. We call the Vet anytime we need.”

Which type of herd do they have?
Holstein mixed with a few Jerseys and Guernseys.

What is their favorite thing about being in the Prairie Farms family?
Sue – “Hearing how much our neighbors love Prairie Farms products.”

What would they do if they weren't part of Prairie Farms?
Not Dairy

What does their herd eat?
Depending on the time of year; grain, hay and graze on pasture.

How do they recycle animal waste on the farm?
Compost and Spread manure on the fields

How large is the herd?
Currently milking 44

If they could tell others about their working farm, what would they say?
It’s a great way to raise a family. Tom – “Even though we milk twice a day, seven days a week; we have tons of freedom. I never have to leave.”