Emily Henrichs

My name is Emily Henrichs and I wear many hats in my daily life. I am the pregnant mom to 4 little girls under the age of 8, wife to a dairy farmer, Pediatric RN, avid runner, School Board Member, Basketball coach in the winter, and Co-Leader of our local 4-h group. I'd say I keep pretty busy. When I was a small child, I wrote on a Sunday school quiz that when I grew up I wanted to be a nurse and a farmer. Here I am living that dream out just a little differently, as I wanted to be a horse farmer as a little girl. Our dairy farm may be operated a little differently than most. Up until about 4-5 years ago, only family had worked on this farm. My husband, his brother, and parents are the farm owners. My husband and another hired hand do most of the milking. My father-in-law and nephew also help out milking on a more part time scale. In addition to Dairy farming, we also own a custom chopping business that my husband runs around crazy in spring and fall. (He chops feed for the cows of several other farmers) I haven't yet attempted to learn to drive that equipment.

My role in the farm has become less than many other farm wives, as I still work off the farm as an RN. Now, my job is making sure everyone is fed, clean, and homework done. Prior to children, I used to help milk and assist in feeding calves several times a week. I also used to help with putting up hay, combining, and whatever other chores they could teach me and I could be of assistance with. Once kids came along, I became pretty busy in the house. Now, my role has changed in that I am bring meals in the fields when needed and run after parts if something breaks. The girls and I will still go outside and help feed calves when they are short handed and we really enjoy that a lot. My girls are getting old enough that they will start learning to do some of the chores on their own. As kids grow, they get busier and busier in activities which has thrown me into more volunteering and helping get the word out about how important Dairy and agriculture is to our daily lives. I have helped start a successful Dairy Days in June (12th this year), which allows kids to milk a cow by hand, feed some calves, play games related to dairy, eat ice cream, and just help educate families about how important it is to support our local dairy farmers. This past year I became part of the starting of a new 4-h club in our town. Prior to that, we had to drive to another town and join their club.

We are always trying to encourage milk and ice cream consumption in the community. We encourage business open houses to offer milk as their beverages and ice cream for their desserts. So many of these businesses deal directly with dairy farmers, they might as well support their business.

I grew up having picnics in the fields with my grandpa all the time. When my husband is busy, he will see his babies maybe 10-20minutes a day in the morning. I make sure when they are super busy on the farm and he is gone constantly, that they still get some decent meals. You would be surprised how tired farmers get of pizza and burgers when that's what they eat for a week straight. I also make sure my girls get to experience seeing their daddy work in the fields, ride in equipment, and of course, picnic at the field. We walk around our farm almost daily when the weather is nice so my kids always see the work they will eventually be a part of and they are definitely not afraid of cows! As children, we dream of what we want, my turned out pretty darn close to my childhood dream! I'm blessed beyond measure and I wouldn't change it for the world!