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We Are Prairie Farms Dairy.

Farmer-owned Prairie Farms has provided the freshest, highest quality dairy products for over 75 years.

As a leader in the dairy market, we offer locally produced products that are hormone free and nutritionally sound. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of the communities we live in, promoting a sustainable environment and bringing exceptional dairy products to your table.

Over 600 farms strong, the knowledge and dedication of Prairie Farms’ farm families is represented in our full line of retail and food service dairy products. Prairie Farms network of local manufacturing plants and branch offices enables highly efficient, dairy fresh distribution throughout the Midwest and the South.

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We Take Pride in Our Products, and it Shows.

Consumer Research Shows That the Prairie Farms Brand is...

High Quality • Fresh • A Great Value • Reliable • Consistent • Desirably Local


Our Foundation For Success

  • To Increase Equity Value Balanced with Organization Growth
  • To Encourage Each Employee to Attain His or Her Maximum Potential
  • To Simply Do What is Right - and Conduct Our Business with Professional Integrity
  • To Strengthen Our Competitive Edge by Embracing the Principles of Innovation
  • To Be the Leader in High Quality Products and Services

Family Helping Family

Family helping family is how Prairie Farms began.

In 1932, local creameries began to organize into a state-wide organization to facilitate the marketing of cream in Illinois. This cooperative organization was called Illinois Producers Creameries. Producers Creamery of Carlinville, now headquarters of Prairie Farms Dairy, was the ninth of twelve co-op creameries to become part of the organization on May 14, 1938.

Prairie Farms is a dairy cooperative which means we are owned by the dairy farmers who produce the milk used by our manufacturing plants to make the highest quality products available in the marketplace. 600 farms strong, Prairie Farms is recognized throughout the Midwest for its array of superior dairy products and exceptional service. From our modest beginning in 1938, Prairie Farms Dairy has always kept a few bedrock principles in mind; quality, reliability, and faithfulness to our customers and consumers. These principles constitute a valuable tradition that is represented in every one of our products.

Prairie Farms and its subsidiaries manufacturers and markets a full line of dairy food products out of its own 21 plants and 14 joint venture plants throughout the Midwest and Mid-South.

Prairie Farms' line includes a wide variety of fluid milk products; juices and drinks; cultured dairy products including dips, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt; the creamy pleasure of Prairie Farms ice cream, including our premium brand, Prairie Farms Old Recipe. By applying the latest technology in our production and utilizing the knowledge we've gained over decades of service, we succeed in keeping our wholesome products dairy fresh. If you're savoring a bowl of one of our delectable ice creams with your family, staying healthy with a tall, cold glass of our milk, or enjoying any of our other dairy products, you can count on the fact that Prairie Farms is working hard to produce the very best just for you. Farm fresh quality, from our family to yours...

Our Contribution to Healthy People and Healthy Communities

Prairie Farms has a shared responsibility in the future of generations to come. We recognize there are serious challenges to feeding a growing population and are committed to being part of the solution by producing nutrient-rich dairy products in an environmentally responsible manner.

Healthy People

We can help make healthy eating easy. From childhood to adulthood, Prairie Farms is committed to providing real, fresh and natural nutrient rich foods and beverages. As the nation turns to reducing calories and people struggle to be healthy, there is some good news; dairy foods can help. Milk and dairy products provide substantial nutrients per calories, helping people make their calories count. For many people, "health and wellness" includes taking care of yourself and your family, exercising and eating right. Nutrient-rich milk, yogurt and cottage cheese can be delicious, guilt-free stables of a healthy diet. The dairy section offers something for everyone, including low-fat and fat-free varieties, and lactose free products. Milk is often coined 'nature's perfect food'. A single glass delivers a unique package of nine essential nutrients important for good health, including calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamins A,D and B12, riboflavin and niacin. Milk is fresh from the farm and compared with other foods, milk and dairy foods travel a short path from the farm to the market. In fact, the gallon of Prairie Farms milk in the grocery store likely traveled less than 100 miles from farm to dairy.

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 3 daily servings of low-fat for fat-free milk or dairy products for Americans 9 years and older. Yet, it has been estimated that 85 percent of Americans do not meet these recommendations, with the current average being 1.8 servings of dairy per day. Not only can dairy help close nutrient gaps, growing evidence shows that intake of milk and milk products is linked to improved bone health, especially in children and adolescents, and is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and with lower blood pressure in adults. Our company and our farmers are dedicated to addressing the needs of consumers and adapting to provide the right mix of products. An increasing number of consumers are requesting milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones, commonly referred to as rbST or rBGH. Since, February 1, 2008, the raw milk supplied by our farmers comes from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. *This declaration does not reflect any health or safety issues. The use of rbST was approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1993. The FDA found that there is no significant difference between milk derived from rbST-treated cows and non-rbST treated cows.

Healthy Community

Every glass of milk and other dairy products contribute to jobs, income and vitality to thousands of communities. Milk doesn't stay on the farm - where milk goes, jobs follow. In fact, it's estimated that the dairy industry creates at least 900,000 jobs across America. Dairy farmers purchase machinery, trucks, fuel and more from local companies, which generates jobs and income. Dairies create jobs for people who grow and ship feed for cows, as well as for veterinarians, insurance agents, accountants, bankers and others. Truckers, processing facilities and packaging manufactures complete the cycle by transporting the dairy products everyone loves. This means jobs in the transportation, distribution and retailer grocer industries. The best news for consumers is that dairy is affordable and abundant. Families looking for budget friendly nutritious foods options should look no further than their grocery store's dairy section. Advances in technology, packaging and product innovation are giving consumers an affordable array of choices that offer "something for everyone". It is satisfying to see the impact our industry has beyond the farm. We're boosting economies and creating jobs - best of all - we're providing a wholesome, natural food source that helps improve the health of Americans.